About Us

 At Lavari Timepieces, we are passionate about producing durable and luxurious watches that transcend through time.

At surface level, Lavari Timepieces appears to be a leading trademark watch company. However, our origin has roots that run deeper than the eye can see. Lavari Timepieces is a symbol of passion and heritage. 


At a young age, CEO and Founder, Arrius McCain developed a strong fondness and admiration for stunning watches. One Christmas, McCain was gifted timepiece his uncle. The watch shined brighter than the glow of the Christmas tree. While tuning into every detail of the watch, McCain was captivated by his present. From that moment forward, watches became an intense passion and  daily necessity. 

As McCain matured and developed so did his taste in timepieces. McCain's preferences shifted and evolved from gold to silver and silver to two-tone. SO much so, leather bracelet watches even became of interest. Witnessing the sun rays reflect off a polished dial created unrealistic displays and provided a strong vote of confidence. Over time, preferences faded slowly and McCain embarked on a journey of passion and admiration for quality timepieces. 



Undeniably, McCain always had an intense love for timepieces due to their physical attributes. However, this intense love for watches was stimulated by the Christmas gift and the bond between McCain and his uncle. The value of the watch was worth more than surface level; it's value and sentiment would transcend through time

Throughout the hands of time, many traditions, heirlooms, even businesses, have been passed down from generation to generation. McCain created Lavari Timepieces with that exact vision. Lavari Timepieces produces quality watches designed to serve as heirlooms for generations to come.

Not only are customers purchasing a timepiece that will last generations, they are investing in a legacy.