Materials : Premier Elements

At Lavari Timepieces, we do not pride ourselves on the act of a customer making a purchase. We pride ourselves on the customer's satisfaction over the sands of time. In an effort to provide durable, long-lasting timepieces, each timepiece is made with some of the finest metals and raw materials. 

Every timepiece distributed by Lavari Timepieces features a stainless steel bracelet and alloy which embodies the essence of our company. In it's truest form, stainless steel delivers distinctiveness and offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion caused by oxidation and contact with liquids
  • Extremely high melting point and definite hardness strength
  • Nonirritating to skin 
  • Versatile and modifiable to provide everlasting comfort 

Though stainless steel is the hallmark of our timepieces, our customers adore the the crystal clear case providing striking views of our intricately designed dials. Each watch case is finished with a slate of fitted sapphire crystal glass that safeguards the dial and resists scratches and dings 

Our mission is to produce timepieces that transcend through time. The fundamental elements required to  fulfill our mission are deeply rooted in the finest materials and craftmanship. 


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